Enhance your protection today

Your manufacturer’s guarantee won’t last forever, and it can’t help with all of life’s unexpected events. So, when your guarantee ends or if an accident breaks your appliance, you could be left with unexpected repair bills.

With the Leisure Protection Policy, however, you can enhance and extend your guarantee, giving you greater peace of mind and longer-lasting cover.

After your Leisure guarantee has expired

Your average repair cost would be*


You’d have to pay for every individual repair of your appliance

With the Leisure Protection Policy

Your average repair cost would be


You won’t have to pay any surprise or hidden costs, just your protection policy fee

*Average repair cost of £110 for appliances out of warranty which includes VAT, parts and labour. If your appliance cannot be repaired you are still liable for the call out charge (average of £60).

The Leisure Protection Policy includes

Main exclusions: cosmetic and malicious damage, costs that you may incur as a result of not being able to use your product, installation and disposal charges for replacement appliance.

All repairs and replacements are subject to approval in line with the protection policy terms and conditions.

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